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Library membership is restricted to people who are print-disabled and who are also UK residents. Print-disabled means that you cannot read normal print (such as on a newspaper) at a normal speed in normal light conditions while using any reading-glasses that you may use for reading, because you are prevented by some sort of physical disability or dyslexia.

A disability is an impairing condition that is long-lasting (more than 1 year). Illnesses or problems that would heal in that time (such as broken bones) would not be regarded as disabilities. You do not need to be certified as disabled by external examination to join the Library. You do need to declare that you regard yourself as suffering from a disability that prevents you accessing books. Such a reason might be (but not limited to) from this list:

There are two exceptional situations in which you may also join our online library.

An agent may be a person caring for a print-disabled person (either unpaid or in receipt of a carer's benefit) or may be professionally involved in their education such as a teacher.

Application form

Your details will not be passed on to a third party.

Agents only. Please enter the number of people for whom you wish to get books.


Please check all the boxes that apply to you.

I certify that I am print-disabled
I am applying on behalf of a print-disabled person because I am directly involved in their care
I am applying on behalf of print-disabled people because I am professionally involved in their education
I am applying as a member or volunteer at the Accessible Library Trust
I am resident in the UK
I understand and accept the terms and conditions for use of the National Accessible Library

Terms and conditions

  • Members accept all library materials at their own risk.
  • Members agree to supply documentary proof of disability on request.
  • Members agree not to allow access to library materials to any third party other than qualifying print-disabled people.

The Accessible Library Trust reserves the right to refuse or suspend membership.

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